The Story Behind Moonbeam & Owl

Welcome to Moonbeam & Owl!

My name is Kiana Howe and I am the face and co-founder of Moonbeam & Owl. 

Early summer of 2015, my mother was inspired to create a line of handmade pieces aimed at bringing joy and more happy into women’s lives.  She had planned to create jewelry and floral crowns designed with both a bohemian and whimsical appeal.  She wanted me to join her in this venture and decided to name the business Moonbeam & Owl.  She said I was the Moonbeam of our namesake because I had a gift of knowing how to make people laugh.  I wasn’t afraid to be a little crazy to elicit a chuckle.  The Owl represented her, the wise old grumpy one.  Since we both seemed to come alive late at night, our new business name suited us well. 

Life got busy and the idea was all but scrapped.  In early spring of 2020, my mother discovered Paparazzi jewelry and was blown away.  How could a company offer so many pretty pieces for just $5?  She realized we could better serve people by becoming ambassadors for this company, providing value at a price-point that was hard to beat.  She couldn’t make jewelry at this price!  Through Paparazzi, we could deliver on her original intent, at a cost everyone could afford. 

We strive to provide a wide variety of women’s, men’s, and children’s jewelry, as well as hair accessories, in every color and style.  We also carry a luxury line called the Zi Collection. 

Let us know what type of pieces make you swoon!  We love your requests!



The Story Behind Moonbeam & Owl

Kiana Howe, Owner of Moonbeam & Owl

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